Saddlebag Rifle Mount

                                                    Motor Officers            


The mount is designed to secure the Colt M4 Commando, AR15 with 11  inch  barrel and the HK MP5. The weapon is secured with a Progard  lock around the forward grip, similar to what is used in the squad cars. The lock is located precisely at the correct angle and position on the rifle. The butt of the rifle fits precisely in the correct position for the lid to close tightly. The patented design of the mount secures the weapon safely.

Shown with the Progard lock


Mounted in the saddlebag of the Harley Davidson

The patented design of the mount is built from 5051 ¼ inch sheet aluminum. It is Cad designed and computer cut by water jet for a precise fit. Each mount is tig welded and then powder coated for a long lasting finish. It attaches to the motorcycle using 5/16 stainless steel button head bolts and lock nuts. It mounts through the same holes on the saddle bag to the frame. With the tools provided it can be removed for maintenance.


Folding Stock Rifle Rack

Honda, Kawasaki, BMW Rifle Rack

Harley Davidson 16 inch Barrel


 The Folding Stock Rifle Rack allows the use of a Sig Sauer 556 with a 16 inch barrel in the Harley Davidson. With an 11 inch barrel it secures and hides the weapon in the saddlebag of the Honda, Kawasaki and BMW. It's hidden from sight and locked to the motorcycle.




          Colt M4 Commando

 The Colt M4 Commando is the most compact of the Colt 5.56mm Family of Weapons featuring a 4-position sliding buttstock and an 11.5" (29.2 cm) long barrel. The M4 Commando is famous for its lightweight, ease of handling, accuracy and reliability, qualities that make it a valid choice for a wide variety of law enforcement applications. In fact, the Colt M4 Commando is often chosen over smaller, less powerful sub-machine guns, allowing for full 5.56mm power and accuracy, in a sub-machine gun size weapon. It fits perfectly into the saddlebag of the stock Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Saddlebag Mount for 16 inch barrel

Fits Honda, Kawasaki, BMW




Agencies Currently Using Saddlebag Rifle Mount


WA -Renton Police Department  

CA -Daly City Police Department

CA -Marina Police Dpartment

CA -San Francisco State University Police department

CA -El Cerrito Police Department

CO -Longmont Police Department

CO-Lone Tree Police Department

UT -Murray City Police Department

OK-City of Tulsa Police Depatment

TX -Abilene Police Department

TX -Cedar Hill Police Department

FL -Palm Beach Sheriff's Office

FL-Flagler County Sheriff's Office

FL-Escambia Sheriff's Office

FL -New Smyrna Beach Police Department

FL-St. Petersburg Police Department

FL -Clearwater Police Department

FL -Miami Beach Police Department

FL -Coral Springs Police Department

FL-Cape Coral Police Department