Hardtops starting at $5995.00

                                                     28' Buddy Davis

Our Hardtops are built with the highest grade materials. The are fully cored for greater strength. To keep them as light as possible they are built using the VIP process. Each one is placed under a vacuum and the resin is infused into the material. This assures that there is no excess resin that just adds unnecesary weight  Every hardtop is polished to the highest standards resulting in a finish that is second to none.

                                                        Contender 33T 

Standard features include: choice of colors, 3 spreader lights, 4 LED courtesy lights, stripe to match boot stripe on the boat. Dimensions are 79" by 118"

                                           Contender 31 Fish Around

Custom Hardtops are available in any size. The 35 Contender below is 10ft by 12ft. Prices upon request

                                                      Contender 35