Providing Harley Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki and BMW motorcycle saddlebag M4 rifle rack and AR15 trunk gun lock to police. We use both the Pro-gard gun locks and the Santa Cruz gun locks. 

SCI provides unique quality patented products for law enforcement agencies

For the Motor Officer is the patented Harley saddlebag weapon mount and lock for the Colt M4 Commando. Our newly designed equipment box provides ample room for the electronics, computer and radar gun. For Patrol Officers is the patented trunk lid rifle mount for the AR15 and shotgun that fits all the patrol cars including the Dodge Charger. 


Our hardtops are built to the highest standards far exceeding many others. We also buld a fiberglass fish cutting table with removable legs. This boat is a Contender 31FA.

Southern Composites uses all of the latest technologies in building their products. All of our fiberglass products are built using VIP (vacuum infusion process), CCBM (closed cavity bag molding) or RTM Lite (resin transfer method). By using these processes we are able to build products with greater strength and less weight.